Monday, November 19, 2012

Shabbat in Omaha

A week ago, Laila and I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Jewish community in Omaha. There were so many highlights, it's hard to decide where to begin.
Friday night, after a beautiful kabalos shabbos, we spent the meal with Rabbi and Rebbetzin Gross, where we were joined by what seemed to be most of the local Jewish community! The Gross's are amazing hosts and an inspiration to everyone in their community, as was obvious to see.
After Shabbos we joined Omaha's 20's and 30's crowed for a wine tasting event hosted by the Jewish Federation, and accompanied by live jewish music. The camaraderie and love exhibited by all the member's of Omaha's major synagogues, reform and orthodox was beautiful to see.
A huge thank you too the federation for their warm welcome and introduction at the event! And the same to Rabbi Gross for his intro at Beth Israel on Shabbos!


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